Concert · 21. May 2019
I am very greatful to have been invited to play at the wonderful concert hall - Forum am Schlossplatz - at the Ludwigsburger Schlossfestspiele Festival in Ludwigsburg, Germany with the high school string orchestra of Eberhard-Ludwigs-Gymnasium. :)
Concert · 26. November 2018
Premiere of my piece "Portret" at the concert hall of music conservatory in Stuttgart! Check it out!

05. April 2018
I spent a wonderful week in Bamberg at the Marimba Festiva International Marimba Competition! I had the opportunity to visit masterclasses (f.e. of Svet Stoyanov and Jeremy Brunk) and hear concerts of the jury members like f.e. Katarzyna Myćka! And, of course, I participated in the competition and was very happy to be honored with the 2nd prize!

03. December 2017
On December 3th 2017 I had the pleasure to perform the 1. Concerto by Ching Cheng Lin in one of the biggest concert halls in Stuttgart - Mozartsaal in Liederhalle! Almost 1000 people came to celebrate the 20th Jubilee of the Support Association, which provides funds for the Music School in Stuttgart. I am glad I could play on this concert with the Stuttgart Youth Orchestra!

10. November 2017
As I am attending the Eberhard-Ludwigs-Gymnasium in Stuttgart, which is a music high school collaborating with the Music Conservatory of Stuttgart (Musikhochschule Stuttgart), I had the possibility to play in one of the biggest concert halls in Stuttgart - in the tower of the Music Conservatory! I performed "Homo Balcanicus" by Nebojša Jovan Živković. Check out the video from the concert on YouTube!

05. November 2017
I was very happy to read about myself in the newspaper! Check it out!

29. October 2017
I was very glad I became an invitation to spend a week of my fall holidays in the castle of Neresheim, which is a small village in the south of Germany, with Landesjugendensemble (LJE) playing modern music. It was a very interesting experience, because we played a "cross-section" of the most known modern music pieces from over 111 years! As I have not played much modern music in the past, I was glad to learn many new things. We played pieces written by long since deceased composers, as well as...

02. September 2017
I spent a week of my summer holidays in Lausanne, Switzerland at the Keiko Abe Marimba Academy - KALIMA organized by Tchiki Duo, whom I had the pleasure to meet a year before at the N. J. Živković Summer Academy. It was an unique experience for me! I met many different people from almost 20 countries, with whom I share the same passion - marimba playing. I also had the opportunity to take lessons from the most famous marimba professors and players in the world: Jean Geoffroy, Tchiki Duo and...

13. November 2016
On 13th November I took part in the International Music Competition in Luxembourg. I received 59 out of 60 points, with was the best result in the percussion category! My efforts have been rewarded with the 1st prize, a golden medal and a special prize established by Georges Karmeyer!

16. October 2016
I was very happy to visit my motherland Poland and perform on the Drumfest Competition in Opole. I received the first prize in the youngest group age!

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